Real and relatable… Actress/singer Selena Gomez isn’t one of the most-followed Insta stars for nothing. Credit:Dr GMC (2015)/Creative Commons

Beware of being same same. You can self-promote like the KarJenners without doing it in the exact same way. There’s only so many head-tilting, pout-puckering selfies that can do the rounds.

So love fashion? Get blogging. Anyone can tell you that (see #startasidehustle). But what makes your blogging effort better…

On the other hand, this is a familiar story. Everyone’s doing it. Blog, tweet, post, like. Eat, sleep, repeat.

Not all up in your social media business… Jennifer Lawrence does it differently. Credit: John Bauld/Creative Commons

In a digital world in which no one will shut up, maybe that’s the best thing to do. It sounds simple (obvious, even). If everyone is overexposed, who’s going to notice…

Arti Kumria

Contrarian, activist and idealist. Gender policy adviser by day, occasional writer by dead-of-night. Wannabe hip mum of two.

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